Waterslide Bar and our crew, are graced daily by all characters of life from your general punters, to high rolling travellers. We were inspired by the diversity of our guests, the interactions we have with them and the overall setting that we deal with on a daily basis, in creating our latest cocktail offering.

The idea of our cocktail menu really began to develop after a laborious night of bar crawling throughout some of Melbourne’s longest running institutions. We decided to create a cocktail menu as a sort of ‘guide’ or ‘handbook’ as you wish, for people to truly understand the clientele within our industry. We then all sat down and brainstormed to think of the largest stereotypes in the hospitality industry (and there are a lot of them) then created descriptions that would further match their unique qualities or personality traits.

Now with concept down, the next task was the biggest of all, the drinks! At Waterslide, we have a very knowledgeable team with many years’ experience in the trade and a cocktail program that reflects this. We do take our drinks very seriously, but never ourselves.

If guests are not interested in reading our manual, we have provided a quick flavour profile guide to cut out the page turning. Being located within Southbank Melbourne has been one of the best assets of our bar. Being in this location we do tend to attract to a lot of tourists due to the high density of hotels within the area, so, we aim to showcase Melbourne’s incredible bar scene by using as many bar techniques as possible throughout. Snap-freezing, fat washing, infusions, hand cut block ice, liquids nitrogen and recycled materials to name a few.

Waterslide bar is a stunning, sometimes intimidating venue overlooking the Yarra River. Our drinks are perfection and our staff are smartly polished with vests, ties and arm garters. But that is not who we really are. We want to create a fun, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that everyone can feel happy to be present within. This cocktail menu is designed perfectly to relax the ‘bar-nerdiness’ out of cocktail bartending and any preconceived ideas about who we are.

We hope you have as much fun reading it, as we had putting it together.

Just remember, if you haven’t found yourself in it yet, don’t worry. Somebody else already has.

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