Gin Southbank

Derived from the Dutch spirit Geneva, this famous incarnation made its way across the English Channel to ravage 1700s London. In what became known as the ‘gin madness’, the British public took this new elixir with unbridled enthusiasm. A legend was born, 100 years later. Gin had become a refined spirit with an increasing reputation amongst bartenders and trade professionals. Gin is made by infusing a grain alcohol with “botanicals” such as juniper, citrus peels and various other flavourings and re-distilling by various means. While juniper is the predominant flavouring, each brand has their own special recipe using all sorts of other botanicals.

The gins stocked in our bar can be grouped into five categories:

1. New World

New World Gin smells almost floral and citrusy, it is also crafted from the finest botanicals. This type of gin made for the gin lover in search of a new twist or for the newcomer looking to leap into a brave new world.

2. London Dry

The London Dry style is a crisp, citrus and juniper-lead gin. Distilled gin, a relatively new category often introduces interesting aromatics to their make up, such as fresh grapefruit zest, cucumber and rose petal.

3. Plymouth

The Plymouth style from Plymouth, in the south of England is a softer, smooth gin with a slightly oily mouth-feel, purported to be the original gin used in the Dry Martini.

4. Old Tom

Old Tom gin is a botanically intensive and lightly sweetened style of gin that was particularly popular in the 18th century and was the “gin of choice” in the 19th century. Known as the “original gin” made from distilling malt wine.

5. Genever

Genever is a sweetened Dutch gin dating back to the 16th century.


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