Tequila & Mezcal

Tequila Blanco

This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. It can be bottled directly after distillation, or stored in stainless steel tanks to settle for up to 4 weeks. There are some Blanco products that are aged for up to 2 months to provide a smoother or “Suave” spirit.

Tequila Reposado

A Reposado Tequila is the first stage of “rested and aged”. The Tequila is aged in wood barrels or storage tanks between 2 months and 11 months. The spirit takes on a golden hue and the taste becomes a good balance between the Agave and wood flavors. Many different types of wood barrels are used for aging, with the most common being American or French oak. Some Tequilas are aged in used bourbon / whiskey, cognac, or wine barrels, and will inherit unique flavors from the previous spirit.

Tequila Añejo (extra aged)

After aging for at least one year, Tequila can then be classified as an “Añejo”. The distillers are required to age Añejo Tequila in barrels that do not exceed 600 liters. This aging process darkens the Tequila to an Amber color, and the flavor can become smoother, richer, and more complex.

Tequila Extra Añejo (ultra aged)

A new classification added in the summer of 2006, labeling any Tequila aged more than 3 years, an “Extra Añejo”. Following the same rule as an “Añejo”, the distillers must age the spirit in barrels or containers with a maximum capacity of 600 liters. With this extended amount of aging, the Tequila becomes much darker, more of a Mahogany color, and is so rich that it becomes difficult to distinguish it from other quality aged spirits. After the aging process, the alcohol content must be diluted by adding distilled water. These Extra Añejo’s are extremely smooth and complex.


Mezcal or mescal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave plant native to Mexico. What is the main difference between Tequila and Mezcal? Tequila is usually quite light and sweet, while Mezcal is much heavier and smokier.

Discover Waterslide Bar’s range of Tequilas, Mezcal and other varieties:

ArteNOM 1549 Blanco, Los Altos Jalisco
ArteNOM 1414 Reposado, Los Altos, Jalisco
Clase Azul Plata, Los Altos, Jalisco
Clase Azul, Reposado, Los Altos, Jalisco
Don Julio, Blanco, Los Altos, Jalisco
Don Julio, Reposado, Los Altos, Jalisco
Don Julio ‘1942’, Extra Añejo, Los Altos, Jalisco
Don Julio ‘Real Extra Anejo’, Los Altos, Jalisco
Herradurra Seleccion Suprema Extra Anejo, Los Altos, Jalisco
Tromba, Blanco, Los Altos, Jalisco
Tromba, Reposado, Los Altos, Jalisco
ArteNOM 1549 ‘Organico’ Blanco, The Tequila Valley, Jalisco
Gran Centenario Blanco, The Tequila Valley, Jalisco
Fortaleza Reposado, The Tequila Valley, Jalisco


Bruxo ‘No.1’, Oaxaca
Del Maguey ‘Vida’, Oaxaca
Del Maguey ‘Tobala’, Oaxaca
El Jolgorio ‘Cuixe’, Oaxaca
El Jolgorio ‘Madrecuixe’, Oaxaca
El Jolgorio ‘Barril’, Oaxaca
Ilegal Reposado, Oaxaca
La Venenosa Raicilla Blanco, Jalisco

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