Vodka is perhaps the most simple of all spirits, made for hundreds of years throughout Eastern Europe. Vodka may be made from any source of starch, though it is most commonly made from wheat or rye – which is malted and smashed, then left to ferment. The ferment is then run through a still several times, to higher and higher strengths of alcohol, evaporating all impurities (otherwise known as congeners) until it reaches a sufficient purity . It is then filtered and watered down to around 40% alcohol and bottled.

The Waterslide Bar offers some of the best vodkas namely:

  • Beluga Noble, Mariinsk, Russia
  • Beluga Transatlantic, Mariinsk, Russia
  • Belvedere Unfiltered (Rye), Zyrandow, Poland
  • Ciroc (Grape), Gaillac, France
  • Fair Organic (Quinoa), Cognac, France
  • Grey Goose, La Beuce, France
  • Ketel One (Wheat), Schiedam, Netherlands
  • Potocki Wodka (Rye), Galicia, Poland
  • Zubrowka (Rye, infused with Bison Grass), Bralowreza, Poland


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